Time Machines …

In creating a framework for the Future Histories project I was looking for a way to extend the process of interrogating future by presenting it within a constructed past. In looking at the work that had emerged in 2014 (Apparatus 9-12) there was also an emerging aesthetic that reached toward mythic future technologies, time machines, spaceships, etc … machines that spoke to an unknown impossible invisible functioning.

For sometime I have been aware of a desire to practically manifest that which is perceived to be impossible. If one can do something that is perceived to be impossible it opens a space where for a brief moment a witness calls into question every thing else that they believe to be impossible. Within that place assurance is unstuck and there is a flash of the abject that slips away as quickly as it is introduced. The pieces falling comfortably back into place perhaps less fixed than they were. In repeating this process as a creator I find myself appearing to collect skills and technologies that feel like pieces of a future assemblage. Collecting impossibles to, at some future time, gather them together into a meaning or a life.

I am unable to determine if this intuitive reaching and collecting is informed by a future awareness opened perhaps through a part of my being that is connected in some inexplicable way to future existences (the idea of consciousness existing at higher dimensional frames would, for example, allow for this) or if its a form of gentle delusion that creates meaning where there is none to assist in the linking and integrating of the unfolding of events and discoveries. To paraphrase Forrest Gump …  it feels like both.

It is within these psy spaces that I recognize a latent desire to construct a time machine … the Future Histories project is a way for me to approach this impulse. Hopefully without demanding that it be manifested in practically (a process that at this point would most certainly break it), but to allow it to speak an echo of some knowledge or future or subconscious from the depth at which it exists …


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