Apparatus 4 - Super8 Camera/Projector

Apparatus 4 – Super8 Camera/Projector

This apparatus is a small Super8 Camera that has been inverted to function as a projector.

A Super8 cartridge has been opened and modified to receive a processed film loop and a High powered LED. The lens assembly of the camera then focuses the projection onto a small handmade screen attached to the front of the camera.

RAW Gallery: Skin | 2011 | Sculpture, Expanded Cinema, Curator Joe Kalturnyk, Group Exhibition, Winnipeg MB

Dalnevert Museum: Phantasmagoria |2011 | Sculpture, Expanded Cinema, Group Exhibition, Curator Jennifer Bisch,Winnipeg MB

PAVED Arts: Bent Light | 2012 | Expanded Cinema Performance and Installation, Curators Leslie Supnet, Doreen Girard,Saskatoon, SK

This Machine is now resides as part of a private collection.