Apparatus 11 – Holographic Kinesigraph

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  • Preliminay CAD Design
    Preliminay CAD Design
  • Assembling
  • Partial Assembly
    Partial Assembly
  • Gearset
  • Gear Set - Detail
    Gear Set - Detail
  • View Testing
    View Testing
  • Bench Testing
    Bench Testing
  • RAW Gallery
    RAW Gallery
  • RAW Gallery
    RAW Gallery
  • Kinesigraph

Above are images of the Holographic Kinesigraph Prototype. It condenses a set of 80 images stored in an outer ring and makes them viewable over a 90 degree viewing area.

Mechanical Synopsis

This device combines the technologies found in both the Kinesigraph and the Praxiscope via the lessons learned from the construction of the Holographic Zoetrope and the Holographic Praxiscope. The virtual construction is that of a walking figure. In this device the figure is not animated and the achieved frame rate is only 2/3 frames per second so the illusion of a virtual object is not sustained. However should the design limitations of this device be overcome the resulting design would allow for a greatly increased density of viewing angles with larger virtual objects depicted with greater detail.

The Kinesigraph uses the phenomena of lens shift found in large format cameras (and exploited in the Kinesigraph) to visually nullify the movement of the outer images in relation to the rotating mirror (images appear still in the rotating mirror although actually moving past at a high rate inside the device). The apparatus then combines the aforementioned technique with the central projection phenomena exploited by the Praxiscope eliminating the need for a shutter by canceling out mirror and image movement in relation to the viewer.

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video – APPARATUS at RAW Gallery Winnpeg MB Canada


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