Apparatus 10 – Holographic Zoetrope

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  • Vector Diagram from 3D Model
    Vector Diagram from 3D Model
  • Preliminary CAD Model
    Preliminary CAD Model
  • Detail
  • 2 Axis Adjustable Mirrors
    2 Axis Adjustable Mirrors
  • Fit Testing 1
    Fit Testing 1
  • Assembling Mirrors
    Assembling Mirrors
  • Testing
  • Interior View
    Interior View
  • Final Assembly
    Final Assembly
  • Functional Testing
    Functional Testing
  • Inaugural Exhibition - RAW Gallery
    Inaugural Exhibition - RAW Gallery
  • RAW Gallery - Winnipeg
    RAW Gallery - Winnipeg
  • Zoetrope
  • Gallery1

Above are images of a Holographic Zoetrope. The apparatus generates a virtual, animated, male figure walking, viewable from 60 discrete horizontal viewing angles. The viewer moving around the apparatus is able to see the figure from an angle corresponding to their position outside the apparatus. Images and Text from the opening can be found here : APPARATUS at RAW Gallery

video – APPARATUS at RAW Gallery Winnpeg MB Canada


With the generous support of the City of Winnipeg through the Winnipeg Arts Council