Apparatus 0 – Mechanical Film Studies

Mechanical Film Studies is a series of films that all involve the mechanical subversion of the materiality of the camera or the subject being filmed (super8 and 35mm).  Techniques explored include slit-scan photography, pinhole photography, stereo imaging, and physical slit scanning.

The use of slit-scan and pinhole cinematography necessitated the modification and creation of specialized purpose built cameras. These cameras were the genesis for an ongoing body of work exploring the notion of Post Cinema technology; reinventing and augmenting the technologies of cinema and photography.

Architect’s Table  –  Slit-scan Super8

2×4  –  Physical Slit-scan Super8
3D JesusStereo Stop Motion Super8
Yard – Pinhole / Multi Pinhole Super8
Phantasm  –  Stop Motion Slit-scan 35mm