Field Work – Origins of Process

The field work for the forgotten futures project was in part set in motion by a suggestion from Larry Glawson.

Larry suggested that there were three things that people photographed:  Architecture, Landscapes, and People. Having just stumbled across the process of combining liquid light with drawing inside the camera obscura I felt like i did not understand the relation between drawing and photography well enough to engage it directly and chose instead to embark on a form of limited survey of photographic subjects to direct my explorations while trying to understand how the hybrid drawing/photographic process re-contextualized photography generally before focusing in on more developed projects.


GirlIn the first project, involving architecture, the drawing and photography played a parallel role. Reach contributing a direct representation of the projection inside the camera obscura. The resulting work was interesting in juxtaposing the tow mediums and practices against one another and I was struck as someone new to drawing how the two mediums seemed to aspire toward the other; the photographic reaching for expression and the drawing reaching for realism. It did however feel like the capability of the drawing process was not being realized and that in the next series I desired to expand it in some way.



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