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Drawing and Printing – Beginnings

Drawing and Printing will be the final phase of the Future Histories project however since my relationship to drawing is more than a little remedial and the process of the Photographic Drawing is sufficiently technical that I am practicing drawing frequently and will also be creating small experimental prints to work out the technicalities of the process.

Here are some test and experiments that have been made thus far …

BoxFigure WP_20150419_17_52_34_ProWP_20150510_21_40_37_Pro copy






I do however have experience working with computer drafting for parts manufacture and will be attempting to bring that experience to bear within my developing drawing practice. I will be attempting to absorb the techniques of Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Hugh Ferriss as there work is interesting to me but are also deeply connected to the imagining of future worlds in relation to architecture.

Here are a some examples of their work :

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

featured_2b_piranesi_drawing IW_Piranesi_Tav-VII_ilPonte PiranesiArchTrajanBenevento






Hugh Ferriss

hugh_ferriss_12 hugh_ferriss_15 hugh_ferriss_18